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Expect irrationality, anything Linux (configuration, gaming, debugging), and random pseudo-philosopher nonsense. Basically, I don't make sense most of the time.

I boost anything I find funny, ironic or thought-provoking.

“Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say."
--Edward Snowden

#ArchLinux #Literature

Getting network printers working on Linux is always harder than it sounds going in

@cypnk one afternoon my coworkers drunkenly emailed one of the original unix wizards to ask "why did 'creat' lose its final E? because keyboards were hard to type on back then?"

and he wrote back "no, because shorter is better" is if this was an obvious fact 😆

@TinfoilSubmarine @malin In theory, it comes down to reputation (you wouldn't publish a piece software with a backdoor in it if other's can easily find it and shame you for it publicly). I practice, commercial projects have more reputation at stake than open-source ones (yet users might care a lot less about potential backdoors), and finding them in open-source projects if far from sure. So gestures and trust are what ultimately remains: if someone develops in the open, especially if under a free/libre license, and invites the community to contribute, they'd probably lose a lot when shamed (not just their software itself, but the accumulated contributions, and the human connections made in the process). Contrast this with a commercial project that probably only loses some VC money and can immediately go found their next startup with a different name.

On the other hand, it's probably still a good idea to run even free software in a sandbox whenever possible, since there could still be bugs. However, their "punishment" is not social exclusion, but patches sent to fix them. 🙂

@malin I feel like the "open source means everyone knows exactly what it's doing" saying has led to an interesting guilt complex where I know I'm not as good at reviewing as I could™ be.

On the other side, ultimately there is a weak point in computing where you have to trust something; I choose to trust those projects that make a goodwill gesture by developing their project in the open.

Had to create 16GB of swap to supplement my 16GB of RAM because Cities: Skylines

Forking Wine and calling it stable is messed up.

US exotic is when you buy handsoap bottles that have a picture of fish in a reef inside the bottle

"The scary thing here is that the actual real-life "social network" has been privatised and monopolised, and now we can't participate in society in very important ways without going through Facebook."

Some good discussion on the WhatsApp Facebook ultimatum:

Designing a secure social network where everything you post is encrypted with a one time pad sourced from a random number generator which is discarded immediately after you submit the post.

And of course Monty Python put this far more entertainingly: What have the Romans ever done for us?

This makes all the sense in the world.

Sharing wisdom from a food bank volunteer:

1. Everyone donates Kraft Mac & Cheese in the box. But it needs milk & butter which is hard to get from food banks.
2. Boxed Milk is a treasure. Kids need it for cereal, which they get alot of.
3. Everyone donates pasta sauce & spaghetti noodles.
4. Canned Foods should be Pop Tops OR donate Can Openers.
5. Oil is a luxury needed for Rice a Roni which they get alot of.
6. Spices, Salt & Pepper are a real gift 
7. Tea bags & Coffee are caring gifts.
8. Sugar & Flour are treats.
9. Important are fresh produce donated by farmers & grocery stores.
10. Seeds are great in spring & summer because growing can be easy for some.
11. Rarely is there fresh meat.
12. Tuna & Crackers make a good lunch.
13. Hamburger Helper goes nowhere without ground beef.
14. They get lots of peanut butter and jelly but NEED sandwich bread.
15. Butter or Margarine are good.
16. Eggs are a commodity!
17. Cake mix & Frosting makes it possible to make a child's birthday cake.
18. Dishwashing Detergent is very expensive & is always appreciated.
19. Feminine hygiene products are a luxury & women will cry over them.
20. Everyone loves Stove Top Stuffing. 

Bonus: CASH makes it possible for the Food Bank to buy what's missing and buy in bulk.

@triz my phone definitely recoils at some of the things i post

time to drop my dystopian horror satire memoir "2020 was a good year"

tfw the clover leaves are sticking together so you're universe machine sometimes accidentally makes 4-leaf clover

how much of today's software is now proprietary

Anyways, signing off for the next update

The background picture is my own terms, and I couldn't find any details on why Firefox didn't like it, hoping it was a fun day for software.

I think of computers as generating heat as a place to share your thoughts, whether incredibly deep or incredibly stupid (or both!).

death to X11

did you know there's people on this website that talk about anime?,,